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You burn with us!

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is this for real already !?!??!?!?!??!?!??!

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Exclusive: Gary Ross Leaves ‘The Hunger Games’ Franchise, Won’t Direct ‘Catching Fire’ Sequel

dfjklghdfjklg is this true !??!?!???!??!!?!??! (x)

please tell me if there are any confirmations about this omaygooosssh !

please please tell me this isn’t true.

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May the Odds be EVER in your favor

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so this was my so-called mockingjay ring. sadly I lost it yesterday

why am i so stupid?

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The Hunger Games billboard @Robinsons Galleria (Philippines)

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so this is me saluting the Hunger Games poster.

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The World of The Hunger Games

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bless you Person!! OF COURSE MADGE IS FREAKIN IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Josh Hutcherson and Leven Rambin Bloody photoshoot 2010

Have you seen this?!  It’s a photo taken by Tyler Shields of Josh and Leven a year before they were cast as tributes in The Hunger Games.  I bet you never imagined Peeta and Glimmer like this!

Don’t let Katniss see this !

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